12 May 2011

Endangered Animals

One of our Science topics for 3rd grade is Endangered Animals. The children have really enjoyed learning about different animals and some of the reasons why they are endanged.

One of the final activities for this unit was a visit from the Wildlife Alliance education team, which was really great. They gave two presentations over two mornings, one for grades 6 - 8, and the second for grades 3 - 5. Along with a slide show, there was lots of time for the children to ask questions, and ask questions they did! The children really impressed the team with the questions that they were asking. Some of the slides were a tad on the gruesome side (amputated bear paws), but it was very well put together, and the children found out a great deal about what is being done here in Cambodia to protect the local wildlife. The children also had an opportunity to make a voluntary donation to the work of the Wildlife Alliance team, and it was heartwarming to see the children giving out of their own "pocket money" to help feed the rescued animals.

In the afternoon, the team returned to do another session with just the 3rd grade students, and that was lots of fun. There was more time for questions, and then time for a couple of games. Here are some photos from the afternoon session.

The other culminating activity for the unit was preparing and presenting posters on Endangered Animals. Each student was allocated their own animal, and provided with some information sheets about that animal. We also borrowed a number of books from the library to provide some extra information on some of the animals. The children first collected all their information on a mini version of the poster, and then did their final presentation on an A3 size version. They loved doing these, and as you can see by the pictures below, did a great job!

Well done Grade 3K! Looking forward to seeing those completed Country Report posters.

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