07 May 2011

Mother's Day

Tomorrow (or today for some folk) is Mother's Day in Australia, and I think in some other places around the world. It is a day for celebrating the women of the world who are mothers, and all they do to make the world a better place. Now I may not be a mother, but I do know that their job is not an easy one. One of the reasons I haven't pursued adopting a child is because I believe the job of parenting is too big for one person. Many do it alone successfully, but I'd be fairly confident they would say it was hard.

As people around the world celebrate Mother's Day, let's take some time to think about some very special people.

Praise God for mothers who have enjoyed the privilege of motherhood, and have seen their children grow into happy, well adjusted, adults.
Pray for mothers who have not had that experience for some reason (and usually through no fault of their own).

Praise God for mothers who have happy healthy children now, who are enjoying watching their children grow and change, and who are guiding them carefully through their childhood years.
Pray for mothers of children who struggle with health and/or development issues. They are amazing people who need every bit of support and encouragement they can get.

Praise God for mothers who have done their very best for their children, even if we don't think their best is good enough. Chances are those mothers know they are struggling and feel bad about it.
Pray for the children whose mothers do not always do the things we think best for their children. Pray there will be others who will step into the gap for them.

Pray for those women who would love to be mothers or to have been mothers, but who are either unable to have children, or who have chosen not to have children because of their singleness. Pray that people will be sensitive to these women, even while still celebrating Mother's Day. Praise God that He has promised to meet all our needs, and that includes the emotional needs of those unable to be mothers.

Mother's Day sometimes projects the thought that mother's are perfect. I'm so glad mothers are not perfect, because it would make it very hard for the rest of us. Mother's Day is about celebrating the role of motherhood, and all it means. Thanks God, for placing us in families with mothers and fathers. You knew what we needed and you planned for it, and showed us the right way to go.

Mum, thanks for all you do for me! Mum, thanks for who you are! God made you, and He gave me to you, and God doesn't make mistakes. He knows exactly what He's doing. Love you Mum!

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  1. I couldn't help but add another one to your list...praise God for people who do not have their own children but invest in the lives of the children around them. That's you! You have been and are a blessing to so many.


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