18 May 2011

Now why didn't I take a photo of that?

I usually ride my moto to and from school, but today, since I had visitors, I took a tuk-tuk. Now since this is something I don't often do, I decided to make the most of it, and first we went to the post office (nothing there for any of us). Then I was on a mission. The last time I moved house was very shortly after we moved the school, and so I was able to borrow a heap of boxes from school, and then pass them on to the next household that moved. Sadly, that means I actually got very few boxes for this pending move. Now I've been here four and a half years, and it's amazing the number of treasures you collect in that time (books is just part of those treasures), so naturally I needed boxes! Now it's not that expensive to buy boxes here, but getting them home on the moto was going to be interesting, so today's mission on the way home from school was to buy boxes. I'm happy to say we arrived safely at the box shop, and I was able negotiate to buy 30 boxes, and 4m x 2m of bubble wrap and some packaging tape for less than $30. That was OK, and the tuk-tuk driver was very helpful in negotiating. Then came the fun bit that I wish I'd had a photo of. Trying to get all those boxes, plus the three of us and our bits and pieces into the tuk-tuk! No problem. Some went under our feet and the others went behind the driver! Heaps of room. We could have fitted much more in! I mean to say, we had nothing tied on the roof! So now I just have to get the contract signed and get packing. Let the fun begin.

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