20 May 2011

Snapshots from Wednesday morning at school

On Wednesday, we had visitors from Australia in Grade 3K. The children enjoyed having the extra adults in the classroom, and especially enjoyed the lovely gifts they brought with them. It was also a chance to get some photos of classroom life that I wouldn't normally get, simply because I'm too involved in what is going on to take photos! Thanks to Owen & Jenny for these snapshots of a morning in Grade 3K at EWIS.
Setting out name tags so the visitors would know who they were talking to.
These were a life saver at the start of the school year when I had 42 new names to learn (21 in each class & I taught both classes mathematics so I had to learn all 42 names - some were easy, but others were challenging to my Aussie tongue!
I don't need them now, but keep them handy for days like this.

Here they come! Homework folders, returned work folders and water bottles all come into the classroom!
Backpacks and shoes are left outside.
With our gifts (not always easy to get smiling photos) but they really did like their gifts.
Thank you so much Mr Owen & Mrs Jenny.

Getting our books out, ready to start on the day's work.

Completing the Homework Book so we don't "forget" to do something!

Miss Karen checks the homework is all written down and checks for understanding of the assigned tasks.
Miss Karen listens to ME read. This student had no English at the start of last summer. He's now reading simple books, writing a little, and understanding quite a lot.

Editing practise. D just didn't quite get this one so Miss Karen gave him some help.

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  1. I loved these pictures, it gives me an idea of your life every day. Your hair is longer and you look so good! You must be still swimming a lot. You are giving these kids a gift that will last for a lifetime. I'm glad you liked the Darryl story :).


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