11 December 2009

Elementary Christmas Proggram

"King Jesus" was presented to a packed crowd this evening, as students for Pre-K3 through to 5th Grade joined together to share the message of Christmas in music and words. For me it was delight to simply be responsible for getting my own class costumed up, and downstairs, ready to take their places. They were sooo excited. In the end, so they didn't try and swing from the non-existent rafters I had them sit down and sing along to some of the songs they've been learning in class from Colin Buchanan's King of Christmas. Eventually, with most of them present, we headed downstairs, and awaited the start. The program flowed well, and it was easy to see the amount of work that had gone in on the part of the music teacher, and her students. Well done Logos Elementary.

So now I'm at home ready to have yet another cold shower (that makes 3 today - just as well I'm not in Toowoomba, I'd be exceeding my water ration), before heading to bed. The coming weekend will be packed with the challenge of finalising all my grades and writing report cards. These are due to be completed by Monday (hopefully midnight as I get no preparation periods that day to work on them.

In addition to the report cards, there's still one week of school, and then on Saturday the big move will occur for my classroom! The plan is to have everything packed up before we go home on Friday night, and then to get everything moved in one go as far as possible. Whiteboards and bulletin boards will move on Wednesday afternoon, but the rest won't go until Saturday. Guests arrive Sunday evening, and then Monday to Wednesday is setting up time in the new bigger brighter classroom. Should be lots of fun, as well as hard work. No doubt I'll rearrange the furniture several times until I come up with a plan that works for me and my students.

That's it for now. I'm off to the shower then bed! G'night!


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