31 December 2009

Happy New Year 2010

It's not quite 2010 here in Phnom Penh, with about an hour and a half to go, but it is well and truly 2010 back "home" in Toowoomba, and Coffs Harbour. As I write, I've got the radio on Radio Australia, with crystal clear reception for a change. Sometimes during the course of the day the transmission here seems to drift across several frequencies, and at times it is totally overwhelmed by local Cambodian station transmissions. Never mind, at least I can listen to Aussie voices occasionally.

So what's ahead for the New Year. First job will be to finish setting up the house, by tidying up the living area. The kitchen is done, the bedrooms now both have curtains, on hooks, that can be opened and closed with ease, and everything in the bedroom has found a home. Actually there is an extra in the bedroom at the moment in the form of a folding table so I can type on the computer. I still can't find the desk in the living room, so that is tomorrow's goal - to not only find the desk, but put everything away, and even get some filing caught up, and maybe even some letters written. I've got a few that need to be done before Jenny & Murray leave so they can do some posting in Australia!

I handed over the keys to the old house today, and was thanked by the landlord for handing it over in a clean state. I suspect that many Cambodian tenancies do not get handed over in the tidy condition that I handed it over in. I'll admit, it was a little untidy, but my helper managed to find time on Monday to slip over and get rid of the remaining rubbish, sweep, and leave it in a clean and tidy state for me. Thanks Naomi. I couldn't do this job without her help!

So what are my New Year's resolutions? Hmm, I haven't actually made any, but there are a couple that I should make. But even if I do make some I'm not going to tell you what they are! That would spoil my fun.

Let's just say, that the 1st January 2010 brings with it the same promise that every other day has, that God's love is unfailing, and His mercies are new every morning. Every day is a chance to start over, or to continue the previous day's positives. Praise God that His forgiveness is there for us too, thanks to Jesus!

May God richly bless those who are reading this, and if you don't have a personal relationship with Him, please find out more about His love for you, because you are special.

Have a wonderful, safe, happy, rewarding 2010.


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