17 December 2009

Light at the end of the tunnel

Yes! Yes! Yes! The report cards are finished, and I have already packed 5 boxes and 1 tub, ready for the big MOVE. I eventually finished the report cards just before 3pm yesterday afternoon, and they have now been proofread, printed, signed, dated, and stuffed into their envelopes ready for the students to take home tomorrow. One job out of the way.

Next job is to do some tidying of my desk in the classroom so I can actually find things and pack them tomorrow. Only half a day with the students tomorrow, and we are going to do Buddy Reading with Kindergarten, which both classes really love. That's only 20 minutes, but students do need to clear their desks out, and pack everything ready for the move, and we'll play some games as well. After recess there will be just long enough to hand out report cards and have a prayer time before everyone heads off for their holidays.

Well, I'd better go and see how many boxes I can pack in the next hour or so. The more I do tonight the less there will be to do tomorrow.


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