23 August 2009

Easy to tell school is underway

Sorry folks, life's been hectic as it usually is once school is underway. I'm enjoying the kids, and we have been doing some fun things together, as well as establishing classroom routines and expectations. Hard to believe two weeks have already passed, and this Friday is "Back to School Night" - a chance for parents to meet the teacher and find out what's planned for the year. I won't get home to after 8pm on Friday!

This weekend's frustration was spending the whole day at home waiting for the Landlord to come and do a small repair in the bathroom, only to have him ring after 6pm and say he was sorry he had been busy, and could he come tomorrow. Eventually we agreed he would come that evening, and while one urgent problem is fixed, the one which I requested a repair on some weeks ago is still waiting for finalisation. Please Lord, I need to be more patient.

Then, after finally deciding to get my own internet service at home, a friend made a call for me, only to discover that there were only 6 connections available in this area and they are all used up. Oh the joys of living in Cambodia.

On a positive note I did get a newsletter out this weekend, and I did enjoy reading Frank Peretti's "Monster", which was my relaxation for the weekend. I do love a good suspense story.

OK, I've got a 6.30am start tomorrow so it's past time I was in bed. Have a good week.


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