03 August 2009

Last days of freedom

Oh No! This time next week school will have started. First day will be over, and I'll have started the process of learning the correct names (and pronunciation) for my 24 new students. Still, that's still six days away, and that means I've got just 5 days to make sure I'm ready to go! Today I found my desk again, and created some sort of order on it, and in the desk drawers and filing cabinet, but I still have four student desks covered in all sorts of "stuff" that must be gone through and put away or thrown out tomorrow!!! Nothing like a deadline to help me stay on task! It was also good to see some more returning teachers arrive today! Welcome back folks.
Finally got the painting finished on Sunday. A big thanks are due to the two guys from the school who did the bulk of the work, although I did have a sore hand and arm after a day and a half of helping out! Still, it was worth it. It looks so fresh and clean, and the house even looks back to it's normal state again after our helper put a few things back in their right places today. She really is a treasure. I'd find life here in Cambodia much more difficult without her. Praise God for a reliable, trustworthy, cheerful house helper.

Yesterday (Sunday) it was also great to have another visitor from our home church, and to share a meal with her and her daughter (who lives in Cambodia too). I'm looking forward to showing them our current school tomorrow, and to sharing another meal with them.
And I just got confirmation of more visitors coming at the end of this month or early next, so that's something else to look forward too.

Well, I'd better finish off, and get some sleep, ready for another busy day tomorrow. Staff meetings & in-services start at 9am on Wednesday morning, so what doesn't get done tomorrow is going to have to be squeezed in between meetings etc. G'night.

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