25 July 2009

House Painting in Phnom Penh

Yes, that's right, I really do mean painting the house. Well, the inside anyway. The landlord agreed to pay for the paint & labour & I've managed to get some of the guys from school to help me, and so today we made a great start. We got the ceilings done on the top floor, and the walls of the living space, as well as lots of "cutting in". They are coming back tomorrow, just for the morning, and hope to finish the top floor (my bedroom, hallway, and bathroom). Next weekend it will be the middle floor, and maybe even a start on the ground floor. Hopefully by the time the students start back we will be completely finished. What we've done so far looks really great. It's a pale, fresh, green, which is really refreshing, and pleasing to the eye after the dirty off-white colour it was before. Painting Cambodian style is very much a matter of improvisation. Yes, we do have rollers & brushes, but no such thing as a roller tray (just dip the roller in the huge bucket of paint, drain on the side of the bucket, and off you go. Yes, there were plenty of drips on the floor, but it was amazing how easily they came off! Fortunately there's no carpet! As for drop sheets, well keep dreaming. We do have a couple of large plastic sheets that came off the new lockers at school (what a good idea that was), and apart from that we just moved stuff around.
One good thing, is that it did make me tidy up stuff! I've still got a lot of sorting, filing and throwing out or shredding to do, but I do have a clear work surface now, and plan to keep it that way if I can. It's always good to have a deadline!!!!

Well, I think an early night is in order tonight, so I'll finish off here. Need my beauty sleep so I can play the piano for church tomorrow afternoon without too many mistakes.

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