30 July 2009

Relaxing on the River

On Tuesday evening, I was invited to join my neighbour and our visitors on a boat trip on The river. We headed down to the riverfront by tuk-tuk, along with our food and drinks, and loaded ourselves onto a two level boat. At first we headed down the Tonle Sap to the intersection with the Mekong, then across to the Mekong and along it's bank a little way, passed a fishing village, before turning round and heading back up the Tonle Sap, not quite as far as "The Bridge". There was a delightful breeze, making it a refreshing time, and watching the sun set over the water was beautiful. My camera got quite a work out. Silly me forgot to take spare batteries, but fortunately one of my shipmates had some or I'd have no photos to remember a relaxing evening with friends.
Wednesday saw me busy at school, and then do the class stationery shopping. Unlike in Australia where teachers make a list and all students turn up with basically the same materials, if I did that in Cambodia, my students would turn up with all different shapes and sizes of "notebooks", and some of them wouldn't have anything on the first day, while others still wouldn't have what they needed at the end of the first week. This way we can start work on the first day of school, and I won't end up with crazy piles of notebooks in all different shapes and sizes when it comes to checking, correcting and grading work.
Thursday was busy in the classroom in the morning, followed by another trip to the airport in the afternoon, this time to farewell our visitors. I'm not sure where this week has gone, but I'm definitely going to have to put my head down over the next few days if I'm going to be ready for school when it starts on 10th August.
Saturday will see me busy painting again. Hopefully we can finish it this weekend! It would be really good to have it all done, so I can get everything back in place ready for the busyness that comes when school is in session.
Right now, it's time for bed! Hope you are enjoying this. Karen

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