27 July 2009

Welcoming New Teachers

Whoa! Is it really only two weeks until school starts? Oh boy, where did those holidays go? It was great to meet all the new teachers today, and to give them a bit of orientation as to where they can find things on the school network, especially important things like Unit Plans. It's great that we have the system, but now it seems like there is so much information it could be overwhelming. Hopefully it wasn't too overwhelming, and they will feel free to ask questions when they don't remember where things are.

It was good to have time with my new assistant this afternoon. He is eager to learn, and eager to help. I hope I can work together to ensure the students in our class get the best possible educatiuon we can give them.

Hooray, the Math Manipulatives inventory is finally done. Now I just need to get the system in place for borrowing from the store room, and also get teachers to add manipulatives that are in their classrooms that aren't on the list. Hopefully we can have that in place before we move to the new school.

Tomorrow's goal is to find homes for the last of the stuff that doesn't yet have a home, and to start planning for the first week. Hopefully my colleague from 3rd grade can give me some tips for seating arrangements, and possible problems so I can head these off before they become problems. Most important, I need to remember that it's God's class, and He will use me as long as I am available to Him. He knows the issues that each child will bring with them, and I know He's bigger than any of them, so I must learn to simply trust Him with each and every child in our class.

That's it for today.


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