26 January 2010

Australia Day in Cambodia

Definitely no public holiday for Australia Day in Cambodia, but that didn't stop me celebrating. Still had to be at school at 7.30am, with the kids arriving in the classroom at 8.15am. Wore my Australia t-shirt, posted Australian flags all around the classroom, and promised the kids that if they worked hard before recess they could have a treat after recess. Well, enough of them finished the required work that we celebrated Australia day on the "gym" with a game of rounders (a bit like baseball, but played with a mini cricket bat, and a tennis ball). Much fun was had by everyone, and we returned to the classroom hot and sweaty and ready for a few minutes silent reading.

The next excitement for me (or maybe it was during recess) was the discovery of four boxes in the office from Scholastic! Yes! Yes! Yes! The books for our Book Fair had arrived, and with plenty of time to spare. This afternoon I had the very time consuming task of checking the books against the invoice so I can pass it on to the accounting staff for payment! All done, and all present! Wow!

So now I need to do a quick tidy of the desk (it's been collecting papers again all day today), and then head back to "town", pick up a few groceries, then a quiet evening (maybe I'll grade some Social Studies portfolios & maybe I won't).

That's it for today.


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