24 January 2010

Ready for another week?

Not quite. But definitely almost there. Still didn't get all the grading done I wanted to, but I got the really important stuff done. The rest will get done! One paper at a time!

We are doing Space in Science at the moment, and one fun task that I assigned my students was to make a model of our Solar System. Gave them some measurements, and a few vague ideas, and after that it was up to them. They were supposed to bring them in on Friday, and about half the class did. I let the rest know I was disappointed, and required that they bring it on Monday or no marks. I was impressed with the creativity of some of those who did! I'm currently trying to work out how I can display some them so students in other classes can enjoy them as well. Will take some photos once I work out how to display them.

Today's fun activity was baking multicultural Anzac Biscuits in my new oven. They turned out differently to when I made them in Austalia, but I've just done the taste test and they taste good, so that's all that really matters. Always interesting trying things in a new oven - no oven ever seems to cook things exactly the same way as the last one you had! Why were they multicultural? Well the Rolled Oats and butter came from Australia, the Golden Syrup from New Zealand, the sugar I'm not sure where from, the flour from Thailand, and I did use a couple of tablespoons of Cambodian water (filtered and boiled of course). It will be interesting to see what the children think of them when I take them for Australia Day on Tuesday. Downloaded some Australia Day worksheets as well, and maybe I'll take the rounders bat & tennis ball down at recess and we can play rounders on the basketball court (still not allowed to use the grass!).

Oh, that's right I've also been enjoying a parcel from home! Thanks to the ladies of the DSHFSW, I've got new books to read, decadent chocolate to savour, music to listen to, and a welcome addition to Australia Day materials. My kids will enjoy the stickers when they do a good job on their work!

Well I really must go and make sure I am ready for another week. As I'm also fighting a head cold (it is winter you know), I'm also looking for an earlyish night so I'd better get on with it.

Bye for now


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