29 January 2010

Contemplating a birthday

So I've now celebrated my fourth Cambodian birthday, and it was a special day too! I was able to take a day off school, and spend it with a good friend, enjoying a girls' day out. We didn't get the movie in that I'd hoped for, but what we did get to do together was very enjoyable, and I'll remember the day with joy. Thanks J. I especially enjoyed the treat of a manicure and mini-massage.
Here's a photo of the finished results of the manicure, complete with nail art!

Those gorgeous flowers were handpainted with a very fine paintbrush! Amazingly delicate work done with a very steady hand. Lunch & dessert were delicious, and it was good to get some other shopping & chores done as well.

Well, it's time I headed for bed, so I'll finish this post by saying Thanks to the Lord for the life He has given me, and the opportunities he's given me, and ask that He will help me to continue to serve Him joyfully for the rest of the days He has already planned for me. God is good, ALL the time!

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