11 January 2010

First Day - All over again!

Today saw the first day of classes at the new Logos International School campus in Phnom Penh Thmei, and I have to admit that it went reasonably smoothly! Praise God for all He has provided for us, and pray that the air-conditioners in my classroom can be fixed tomorrow. Although I originally said "no tour" for my students, I decided it would be easier if I did one, and so lost teaching time, but hopefully gained in other ways. They were definitely excited by the new facilities, and will be even more so when the construction workers leave and they can use the grass field as well as the basketball court (gym).

With the weather forecast predicting 35 degrees Celsius today, I was not looking forward to a day without air-conditioning. Unfortunately for the first part of the morning, there was no power to the air-con units, and when it did come on, they were running, but not cooling! The problem still hasn't been fixed, and I've been told the units need regassing (interesting when they are brand new units), and if that needs anyone to be in the room it won't happen until after 3pm (too much of a distraction for the students). Tomorrow's forecast is also for 35 degrees, so I guess I'd better plan on drinking lots of water and remind my students to do the same thing.

Apart from the lack of air-conditioning, and fluctuating power, the day went reasonably well. We didn't get through all I had planned, but that's always better than not having enough planned for the day, and running out of things to do. It was exciting to be in the new Library this afternoon, with much greater space, and plenty of room for expansion of our collection. Well done to everyone who helped get it ready to go. We even managed our computer class in the new Elementary computer lab today. It was an intro and demo lesson, but next week we plan to get students on line on the internet doing some research (using carefully selected sites).

Well, I'm off to bed, since I need to get an early start tomorrow - I left my desk in the classroom in a state of chaos because it was just too hot to deal with anything else this afternoon, and the sun was blinding me as well. We need curtains or blinds of some sort, but the cost is proving a challenge at the moment. Meanwhile I've got some spare curtains at home that I had made for my old place that I can at least rig up to reduce the sun in the afternoons. Well, I'm going to try anyway.

Bye for now


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