07 January 2010

Party time again!

I think someone across the road from my place is having a birthday party. Now what might make me think that! Start with music that is so loud that when I'm at the back of my house it would still be more than loud enough to party with, and add to that the singing of "Happy Birthday to You" in English, and I'd say it's a fair chance that it's a birthday party. Fortunately the music is not that of a funeral, which would be at the same volume, but much more depressing. I think it's a live artist/band, and it's actually not too bad. Hopefully they won't go much later, as I need to put in a full day at school tomorrow, making sure I'm ready for the Grand Opening on Saturday, and also for a full week of teaching next week. Since there still seem to be people arriving, I think it's going to be a close all the windows and doors, put the air-conditioning on, and hope for the best!

Actually I'm rather disappointed it didn't happen a couple of days ago so my sister and her husband could experience a Cambodian party in the neighbourhood. Never mind. They did have plenty of Cambodian experiences. It was great to see them, and to have family here for Christmas. Thanks for coming and experiencing a little of my life here!

OK, it's definitely not about to finish - in fact they just increased the tempo, and participation I suspect, so I'll go and have a shower and hope for the best!

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