08 January 2010

Two days (nights) in a row!

As I rode out this morning, I noticed a tent going up outside the house two doors down the road from my, and thought to myself, I wonder if this means another noisy evening tonight. Well it was definitely a catering tent that was being erected, and the volume tonight is such that the glass in the doors has been vibrating with bass notes! How lucky am I?

Oh well, it's better than the screeches I was getting from the school Public Address system while they were testing it this afternoon! I hope they can fine tune that system. Speaking of school, my classroom is finally ready (well, almost just 8 student desks needing a little attention). I've even got "bulletin board" displays for our coming Science unit up, so that will create some excitement.

Tomorrow I have to grade a pile of papers, and put together a plan for the coming week. Oh, and that's right there's the Grand Opening from 9 - 11am, followed by a Staff meeting from 11.30 -12.30, and then I need to be down at the riverfront by 4.45pm ready for a birthday boat trip on the river with friends. I'm looking forward to that break.

Tonight I've got a few jobs to do for school, since the network was down this afternoon (not surprising given that the power went on and off about 4 times between 3pm and 5.30pm).

By the way, someone tried to post a comment to last night's post, but unfortunately it was in an Asian script (Chinese or Japanese or Korean or something similar) and I couldn't read it, so I rejected it. If you're the person who commented, please feel free to do so again, but do it in English, or I won't allow it to be posted. Thanks


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